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Sister Elna offers a full immunisation program. Speak to her directly to book one or all your immunisations as a journey.

Ante-Natal Classess

Sr Elna offers a full Ante-Natal class. The classes can be done all at once or spread out over the pregnancy. all classes are available as an online video course. 

Everyone that completes the full course will receive a certification letter that can be submitted to the medical aid. 


Class 1

In this class, we will cover everything around childbirth from the options you have to pain management and your recovering period.

The Online class consists of 4 videos


Class 3

In this class, we cover everything around baby care from bathing to immunizations and how to handle emergency situations.

The online class consists of 3 videos


Class 2

In this class, we cover the importance of skin-to-skin care and everything you need to know about breastfeeding.

The Online class consists of 2 videos


Crash course

The Crash Course is a short three video course that covers the basics of each class. 

It is designed for parents that want to refresh their memory and new parents and grandparents that are not yet ready to do the full class.


Infant assessment

Tracking the growth and development of your baby

15 min.

ZAR 100


Online consultations

30 min.

ZAR 100


Online consultations

30 min.

ZAR 150

Infant assessment and general

General consultation and growth tracking

30 min. 

ZAR 150

All consultations are conducter via Zoom